The Onyx Theatre
Riddle of Fire

Riddle of Fire

1 hr 54 min
Onyx Downtown
Nevada Theatre 4/28: A visual feast shot in 16mm, RIDDLE OF FIRE delighted and surprised audiences at Cannes in 2023. Set in Wyoming, the film follows three rascal children who run afoul of an enigmatic coven in director Weston Razooli’s whimsical neo-fairytale, which evokes a menagerie of esoteric genres and dreamy cult-film vibes.
This movie screens at the Nevada Theatre, 401 Broad Street, Nevada City ALL AGES

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  • Genre:Adventure, Action, Comedy
  • Director:Weston Razooli
  • Cast:Lio Tipton, Charles Halford, Weston Razooli
Riddle of Fire
The Onyx Theatre
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