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photo of bags of popcorn at the Onyx Theatre


We've made no concessions with our concessions

We’ve meticulously curated our menu to please all palates. Choose from local sweets, treats and drinks or go abroad with our revolving wine selection… and don’t forget the popcorn while you’re there.


Organic Popcorn
We should really be accepting an Oscar for best popcorn!

Assorted Savory Snacks
Hippeas, Nut Mixes, and potato chips are some of the savory sensations available.



Cookies and Baked Goods
You never know what you might find in our cookie basket. But, we will admit that cookies by Alternative Baking Company seem to sell out the fastest!

Candy and Chocolate
So many sweet treats are at the Onyx! Candy and chocolate you won't find anywhere else in town along with some of the movie theatre classics await you. Just open the bag before the movie!

Frozen Goodies
We usually have at least one ice-cream treat available. Selections will vary throughout the year.


Apparently, this stuff is really good for you. No plastic bottles at the Onyx. Our water is sold in reusable aluminum cans. But, you are also welcome to bring your own.

Selected labels paired to tonight’s popcorn. Always a red, always a white, and usually something extra. (Scroll down for details!)

Beers, Ales, Lagers, Ciders, & Kombucha
You never know what offerings you will find at the Onyx, but we guarantee we will have something to delight your taste buds!

Sodas, etc
What’s better than a movie and a soda? We have an assortment of sparkling waters and juices for everyone else.

Tea & Coffee
Freshly brewed coffee is always ready for you, along with an eclectic assortment of teas picked by our staff to delight your senses.

A Word (or two) About Wine at The Onyx

When you walk through the doors of our beautifully renovated theatre, we want you to be transported to exciting faraway places. Just as our films are selected to showcase unique and independent visions, the wines we’ll serve go beyond the “usual suspects” by focusing on small, artisanal, and family-owned wineries from around the world. We are carefully choosing wines that offer diversity, depth, and character, just like a great independent film. There are delicious wines at fantastic values to be discovered, and we look forward to having them enhance your experience at The Onyx.


John Seeger Gilman: Onyx Wine Consultant


Our Current Wine Selections


Lubanzi, Rosé Bubbles Coastal Region
100% Cinsault. Small batch, natural fermentation. All stainless steel. Carbonated in micro-batches. Dry, crisp & refreshing with a bouquet of aromatics and a brilliant pale pink color. There is a minerality and balanced acidity on the palate, with notes of wild cherries & ripe summer strawberries.


Lubanzi, Chenin Blanc Swartland
100% Chenin Blanc. Handpicked grapes, whole bunch pressed, fermented spontaneously using natural fermentation. A bright wine, brimming with acidity and fluorescence. Wonderfully aromatic with hints of green melon, passionfruit, lemon zest, & green apple.


La Bête Noire, Cahors Malbec
Hailing from Graves de Vayres in Bordeaux, France, this 100% Malbec (which is significant because the vast majority of Cahors is cut with Merlot or Tannat). A powerful French "country" red from 30 year old vines grown in chalk-rich clay soils on a limestone substrate in the Lot Valley in Cahors, the ancestral home of the Malbec grape. Nicely full and tarry with mint highlights, terrific juiciness and no oak in sight.

Bacchus, Cabernet Sauvignon California 
100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Aged 10 months in neutral oak barrels. Medium bodied with ripe plum, black currant, and blackberry flavors with a touch of mint. Cedar and dusty earth emerge on the long, layered finish.

The Onyx Theatre
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