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The Onyx Theatre is dedicated to bringing the very best in film and entertainment to our region, with a focus on independent, foreign language, and documentary film. We make a conscious commitment to screen works from underrepresented communities and alternative perspectives; fostering understanding and the creative spirit.

Welcome to The Onyx Theatre: Where Movies Come to Life

In recent years, Covid aside, going to the movies has changed in some exciting ways. Sure, the big summer blockbusters and action-packed superhero flicks are still a hit in those massive movie theaters, but there's another story unfolding. All across the country, some independent cinemas are doing things differently. They're all about showing you top-notch films, the kind that win Oscars, but they're doing it in a cozier, more intimate setting. And they're not stopping at just great films; they're adding delicious food and drinks and a bunch of extra perks, all geared toward a more grown-up audience.


This change, powered by technology and the rise of indie film distributors, has been a breath of fresh air for folks who love a fun night out. We're talking about those who, in the past, ended up forking out too much money for movie tickets in bland, noisy corporate theaters with poor acoustics, where the popcorn was nothing to write home about, and your seat was right next to a chatty text-happy neighbor.

So, here's the big question: in a world where you can order up a movie online or watch it on your big-screen TV at home, why bother going out? Our mission at the Onyx Theatre is to answer that question quietly but confidently: this is the way movies were meant to be seen.

From the warm ambiance that greets you in our lobby; our selection of treats, savory snacks, select wine, locally brewed beers, and other refreshments, state-of-the-art picture and sound, plus ultra-comfortable seating in our two, snug (twenty-nine seats each) custom-designed* screening rooms, every facet of a visit to The Onyx aims for more than simply watching a great movie.

As a genuine arthouse cinema, we’re unabashedly committed to bringing to the Sierra Foothills the best, most entertaining, and thought-provoking films from Hollywood and beyond. Film is at the center of The Onyx experience, and our hope is that the people sitting in our seats will connect with the dramas, comedies, documentaries and other works we present; creating a shared experience in a cozy, friendly environment where you might even feel or learn something you didn’t quite expect, or make a new friend.


We know we don’t look or feel or do things quite like a typical movie theater, but that difference is what we believe in, and it’s what we hope will keep you coming back and bringing your friends (old and new) along with you.

* A special thanks and acknowledgment to Jerry Harrah of Harrah’s Theater Equipment, who has acted as a key consultant for both the Onyx Theatre and its predecessor, The Magic Theatre. In his more than 50-year career, Jerry has helped design and equip hundreds of the finest cinemas on the West Coast, as well as high-tech screening rooms for clients like Disney, George Lucas, film producer Richard Zanuck and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. The Onyx would not exist without Jerry’s extensive knowledge, relentless focus on quality , and his unflagging and always enthusiastic encouragement


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